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About Bitra Web Media...
BitraWebMedia is the Online Marketing division of BitraNet Pvt Ltd, established in 1996 to cater the needs of Web Design, Development and Web ERP Applications Development.
Bitra Web Media is a young and dynamic online marketing firm helping small and medium scale enterprise to build and establish their online stores.
Our goal is to drive in pre-filtered traffic relevant to the products and services offered there by increasing the chances of converting your targeted audience to business leads, increasing chances of sales.
We do practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a part of our daily professional work by consistently formulating and testing theories about metrics and variables that influence search engine results and user experience by influencing changes to web pages.
How large is the niche market you are competing.
How competitive are the major keywords in the market.
How your website currently serves the market.
How it compares to your competitor’s websites.
Our Strategy...
Our experience in dealing with various industries helps in understanding the business needs of each client; blend them with our online marketing strategies & techniques to drive in pre-qualified tariff to your website and business, increasing sales leads. Our online marketing strategy depends on the areas mentioned below:
Optimize your content to attract the visitor’s eye at the first sight.
Highlight the product and sale points to generate enquiries.
Build your online brand in the targeted local markets.
Drive in pre filtered traffic from Search Engines.
Build your brand image through social media marketing.
For a customized package that best fits your business needs, please fill in the form: Request a Quote, our Account Manager will get back to you with in few hours.
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