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Social Media Marketing...
We use Social media marketing (SMM) to gain attention or traffic for your business by participating in various social media sites to achieve branding and marketing communication goals.
Increase brand awareness by involving in various discussions and groups.
Educate and inform customers about the flexibility of your services.
Participate as a direct connection between customer & the company.
Monitor brand reputation by analyzing the involvement of members.
Reach new channels of customers by participating in various related groups.
Use Customers Testimonials to increase your brand reliability.
Generate leads and traffic to the site.
Social Media Marketing Packages
Deliverables Basic Economy Deluxe Ultimate
Duration 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Manage Social Accounts
Posting Content on Facebook 6 12 24 36
Posting Content on Twitter 6 12 24 36
Posting Content on Google + 6 12 24 36
Other Imp Social Media Websites 12 18 24 36
Custom Twitter Background
Facebook Cover Page
Profile Content Creation
Gather Followers
Social Reputation Monitoring
Respond to User Comments
Video Promotion
Video Submissions
Performance Report
Monthly SMM Report
Customer Support
Price per Month $ 499 $ 599 $ 699 $ 799
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